Going Green for Texas


As Texas’ population grows, so does the proliferation of vehicles. Along with tremendous economic growth has come a recognition of the effects of CO₂ and other pollutants which likewise continue to grow. The desire to see advanced, cleaner vehicles on our roadways as well as the desire to improve U.S. energy security by lessening dependence on foreign oil, has increased momentum for a new generation of vehicles powered by domestic electricity (as well on natural gas and hydrogen) produced from increasingly greener sources of energy.

While the adoption of electric vehicles is on the rise, and the technological innovations that power them continue to advance, familiarity with EVs and their many benefits remains relatively low.

Plug-In Texas was formed to raise awareness of EVs as a viable alternative to conventional gasoline-powered vehicles and to deepen public understanding of EVs as a pioneering technological breakthrough in transportation.

Plug-In Texas

Plug-In Texas is dedicated to promoting widespread growth of EVs in the Lone Star State through the development of a robust market that positions Texas as leader in this rapidly evolving industry.

Our Members

Members of the coalition include CenterPoint Energy, Environment Texas, Environmental Defense Fund, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Gulf States Toyota, Luminant Energy, Texas Automobile Dealers Association, Texas League of Conservation Voters, Toyota North America, TXU Energy, and UBER. Membership is open to other stakeholders who share the mission of clean vehicle options for Texas.